NGT commands a penalty for two plastic recycling plants operating without approval

The Southern Bench of the NGT (National Green Tribunal) has commanded a penalty to be imposed on a plastic recycling plant in M. Pudhupalayam, Panruti.

Depending on a petition filed by a resident of the village against Shiva Sakthi Plastics & Sakthi Plastics, the Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board (TNPCB) examined the plant and found they were conducting business without obtaining the CTO (Consent to Operate) from TNPCB and has stored plastic scrap in the centre of the occupancy.

A show-cause notice was issued on 10th February under the Air Prevention and Control of Pollution (P&CP) Act, 1981 and the Water Prevention and Control of Pollution (P&CP) Act, 1974, for the violations. The TNPCB then examined water samples around the plant and found no contamination, after which the CTO was issued.

According to the Bench, in its hearing on 9th August, suppose the project proponent conducted the operation without consent. The TNPCB must have computed the number of days during which the Project Proponent conducted the processes and should have imposed the compensation. However, the report doesn't say anything about it. The Bench further instructed TNPCB to charge the compensation for the period in which the plant was operating without obtaining the CTO and Consent to Establish.

So, if, in any case, you are also operating a plant in Tamil Nadu without containing the Consent certificate from TMPCB, make sure you obtain it as soon as possible.

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