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Mini Ratna Category-I PSU, also famous as MSTC Limited, is regulated by The Ministry of Steel, Government of India (GoI). Initially, MSTC was instituted as "Metal Scrap Trade Corporation Limited" as per the Companies Act 1956. It was then transformed into MSTC Limited. Notably, the company was incepted to deal in ferrous scrap export, for which obtaining an MSTC licence is reasonably necessary.

MSTC E-waste Auction License - Overview

Since its inception till the decanalisation of metal scrap by the GoI, MSTC was mainly involved in metal scrap import as a canalising agency of the Government of India. Subsequently, the firm decided to diversify the business and emerge as a multi-functional and multi-product organisation. One of the company's significant activities is the e-waste auction. One has to obtain an MSTC e-waste auction licence to participate in the same. Here are the complete details.

Some prominent features of the MSTC E-waste Auction

  • MSTC offers permanent authorisation to the bidders to ensure that facts about upcoming sale events have been conveyed. The information MSTC provides to the participants is only related to the items of their choice.
  • Before the e-auction starts, the stakeholder provides the organisation with a reserve or floor price. This is called the principle. While bidding at the MSTC e-waste auction, a warning appears on his screen if the bidder offers a bid that is more than five times or equal to the current highest bid. The notice asks the bidder to check the bid before the final submission.
  • The MSTC e-waste auction continues even after the proposed closing hours until no bid is recognised for a fixed time interval, i.e., 5 to 8 minutes based on the item.

Types of Bidding

The MSTC Bidding is done via two options -

Maximum Bidding

Also known as proxy bidding, Maximum bidding allows the participants to win the MSTC E-waste auction at the lowest possible price. This is possible by bidding on behalf of the leading bidder. The fee is added until the maximum amount is reached.

Straight Bidding

Straight bidding is when the participant's bid will be applied immediately at the specified amount unless a higher bid exists.

Products included under the MSTC bid

  • E-waste
  • Non-ferrous Auctions
  • Property Auction
  • Ms Barrels
  • Iron Pellets
  • Ferrous Scrap
  • Non-Ferrous Scrap
  • Vehicle Scrap (End-of-Life Vehicles)
  • Machinery Scrap
  • Rough diamond
  • Forest products and timber
  • Coal
  • Hazardous waste

Items not Allowed in MSTC Auction

Here's a list of things not allowed in the MSTC auction –

  • Knock-off or counterfeit goods
  • Sensitive goods that are trademark or copyright
  • Items subject to embargo
  • Live animals
  • Hate materials
  • Goods made from plant species/protected animal
  • Recalled goods
  • Hacking/interception/surveillance/descrambling equipment
  • Illegal drugs and paraphernalia
  • Cigarettes
  • Body parts and bodily fluids
  • Prescription drugs, medical devices
  • Stolen products and items used for theft
  • Government IDs
  • Fireworks, hazardous materials and explosives
  • Police items
  • Gambling items
  • Stocks and securities
  • Individual contracts
  • Non-packaged food items
  • Non-transferable items
  • Weapons

MSTC E-waste Auction Process

Given below are the steps for an MSTC E-waste Auction Process -

  • Start a process to list the actual bidder of the material for permanent registration.
  • A notice of e-auction events is sent to the registered customer by e-mail in advance.
  • E-Auctions of listed items are then held on pre-announced dates and times.

Registration Process for buyers participating in MSTC E-waste Auction

1. Customers must register on the http://www.mstcecommerce.com/auctionhome portal.

2. Online registration proceeds by going to "New User", clicking "Buyer", and filling out the form. The applicant must provide mandatory details such as -
E-mail address

3. The applicant must then accept Buyer Specific Terms & Conditions (BSTC) and the General Terms & Conditions (GTC). The customers should generate their unique User ID and Password while registering online. However, MSTC activates the password only after the customer completes the offline registration formalities.

4. For Hazardous and e-waste, applicants must have Valid Registration Certificates from the State and Central Pollution Control Board (S/CPCB). Moreover, they must select and register the relevant waste item on the website during online registration.

5. After successful online registration, an auto e-mail confirmation letter will be sent to the applicant confirming the Buyer Registration Details and asking him to complete the other offline registration formalities. The applicant who intends to obtain an MSTC e-waste auction licence must download a copy of the confirmation letter, counter-sign it and submit it to MSTC.

6. After successful completion of online registration, the applicant must complete the offline registration formalities by submitting the following documents to MSTC offline:

  • (a) Photocopy of the Latest Income Tax Return
  • (b) Income Tax PAN Card (Original & Photocopy – the original will be returned post verification)
  • (c) Produce original documents of the above documents for verification.
  • (d) Sales Tax Registration (State & Central) Certificates (Photocopy and Original – the Original will be returned post verification)
  • (e) Registration Fee of Rs. 10,000/- + 12.36% Service Tax( Non- Refundable ) by PO / DD favouring MSTC Ltd. Payable at respective region/branch.
  • (f) Signature of the Proprietor/Partner verified by the bank (in case of Proprietorship/Partnership Company) on the bank’s letterhead. In case verification is done on the customer's letterhead, then the full address of the bank’s branch must be mentioned.
  • (g) Two passport-size colour photographs of the Proprietor/Director/Partner (for the issue of a Photo ID Card by MSTC)
    • The Proprietor/Director/Partner (or a person the Director authorise in the case of a Private/Public Limited Company) of the customer’s firm must sign on the ID Card.
    • In the case of a Proprietorship/Partnership Company, the Proprietor/Partner must personally visit MSTC's office to submit and sign the Photo ID Card.
    • If a Private/Public Limited Firm, this may be done by requesting MSTC to send the card by post for the signature and return. The customer will be responsible for ensuring he gets the duly authorised Photo ID Card from MSTC before he begins bidding in any e-Auction.
  • (h) Notarised photocopies of Valid Registration Certificates from C/SPCB (SPCB NOC) for hazardous and e-waste items (If applicable). On receiving the certificates, MSTC records the Validity Period of the Customer’s SPCB Certificate in the Buyer Registration Form on the website. Only after this are registered customers allowed access to the live e-auction floor for bidding for Hazardous and e-waste items subject to their CPCB Certificate or SPCB NOC being valid on the starting date of the MSTC e-waste auction. However, this will be regulated by the Special Terms and Conditions of the specific e-auction. The customer is always responsible for ensuring that his CPCB and SPCB Certificates for the e-waste auction are valid or duly re-validated within the specified time for participating in the e-auction.
  • (i) Copy of e-mail confirmation letter received from MSTC after completing online registration and having Buyer Registration Details of the Customer. This must be duly counter-signed by the customer and returned to MSTC along with other offline documents for verification.

Note for customers :

(1) After completing all the offline and online registration formalities, MSTC activates a password for the customer or buyer.

(2) For Hazardous Wastes (HW), the password will be activated for the particular HW Item subject to submission of a valid CPCB certificate and SPCB NOC within the stipulated time according to the Special Terms & Conditions of the specific e-Auction.

(3) After activation of the password, the applicant gets regular information about all the upcoming MSTC e-waste Auctions on an all-India basis via his registered e-mail ID.

(4) Customers must always keep their e-mail address valid since all communications will be primarily made through the registered e-mail address (or according to the Special Terms & Conditions of a particular e-Auction).

(5) Bidders must be extremely careful in bidding on the Live e-Auction floor. Bids in decimals are not acceptable to the system. After typing any bid, before submission, bidders must cross-check the same. Bidders are entirely responsible and liable for the bids submitted by them, including any errors made by them. MSTC doesn’t entertain any complaint in this regard.

(6) (6) Bidders are personally responsible for checking the result of the MSTC e-waste auction by downloading the "Auction Lot Status" from the website immediately after the auction closes. The same is displayed up to seven days from the date of the e-auction conclusion. The "Auction Lot Status" shows if the bidder has won any lot on a confirmed or STA (Subject to Approval) basis. Although Sale Intimation Letter is issued by e-mail to the highest successful bidder after the closing of the e-Auction, it must be noted by the bidders that the date of payment of the Security Deposit/EMD is counted from the date of conclusion of the e-Auction irrespective of the date Sale Intimation Letter issuance.

(7) E-waste sale is governed by the Special Terms and Conditions (STC) displayed only on the "Live" e-Auction floor. Bidders can download a copy of the same for their records.

Registration Process

1. Log on to the given portal - http://www.mstcecommerce.com/

2. Click on the link 'e-Auction” and select 'All General Auctions (Scrap & others)' and then on the link provided: 'Register'.

3. GENERAL TERMS & CONDITIONS OF e-AUCTION appear on the screen. Scroll down, where two options are available:
(a) Register as a Seller and
(b) Register as a Buyer

4. Select and click on the "Register as Buyer" alternative.

5. BUYER SPECIFIC TERMS & CONDITIONS appear next on the screen. Scroll down where two alternatives are available again: 'Agree' and 'Disagree'.

6. Select & click the 'Agree' button.

7. Buyer's Registration Form appears on the screen. Fill up the information asked. Select and click 'Scrap & others' in the Buyer Type field.

8. Notably, all fields marked with * are mandatory and thus can’t be left blank.

9. Select User ID and Password and record the same.

10. After filling out the full info, click the 'Submit' button.

11. Click on the 'Preview' button. All the information is displayed for verification. If the information is correctly entered, click the 'Submit' button. On successful registration, the system sends an e-mail and informs instantly to submit the 'Registration Fee' along with the relevant documents.

The registration fee to be submitted for registration

To participate in the MSTC e-waste auction, the applicant must pay a one-time non-refundable registration fee of Rs, 11236/- ( the price includes Rs 10,000 + service tax @ 12.36 % of 10,000) in DD/PO in favour of MSTC LIMITED payable at specific branch/region at any office of MSTC LIMITED within one month. Otherwise, the details get deleted from the database.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. How to know about the material offered at the MSTC e-waste auction?

    1. Log on to http://www.mstcecommerce.com
    2. Click on "e-Auction" and select All General Auction (Scrap & Others).
    3. Submit your user id and password. The applicant gets redirected to the home Page'.
    4. Click on "View Detail".
    5. In the select category, an applicant can choose from the options.
    6. Click on “View Forthcoming e-Auctions”. A list of all the e-Auctions appears on the screen. Select and click on the desired one. A catalogue with all the information and terms and condition appears. Take a print of the same and retain it for further needs and record. The data is also available at http://www.mstcindia.co.in

    Note - Using Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) or above is preferred for bidding.

  • 2. What are the eligibility criteria to partake in the MSTC e-waste auction?

    1. General eligibility criteria

    1. The bidder must fulfil the following eligibility conditions:

    (A) The bidder should be a company/entity/firm registered in India.

    (B) Supporting documents must be presented at registration on the website http://www.mstcecommerce.com/auctionhome/mmb/welcome.jsp

    (C) The bidder must not be an undischarged insolvent/a minor/of unsound mind.

    (D) S/he must not hold an office of profit under the Central/State Government;

    (E) The bidder must have paid the arrears of dead rent/contract money/permit money in respect of lease(s)/permit(s)/contract(s) owned by him; and

    (F) The bidder must not have been convicted of any offence, including moral turpitude or illegal mining.

    A company/firm/entity must submit the following documents -

    (a) Suppose the entity is an individual. Then, it must submit an EPIC Card. Besides, an Aadhar Card can also be submitted. Otherwise, the entity must submit an Indian Passport. The entity can also submit a certified copy of the Electoral Roll.

    (a) In the case of a partnership firm/proprietor/other association of individuals, all the members of the association or designated partners of the firm must submit an Indian passport. They can also submit an Aadhaar or EPIC Card. Submitting a certified copy of the Electoral Roll is also valid; and

    (c) If a company, directors, authorised signatory, and managing director of the company must submit the EPIC Card/Aadhaar Card/Indian Passport/Certified copy of Electoral Roll.

  • 3. How to Register as a BUYER with www.mstcecommerce.com?

    • (i) Log in athttp://www.mstcecommerce.com/auctionhome/oed/index.jsp
    • (ii) Click on 'Register’. GENERAL TERMS & CONDITIONS of MSTC e-waste AUCTION appears on the screen. Scroll down where two options will be there :
    • (a) Register as a Buyer
    • (b) Register as Seller
    • (iii) Select the "Register as Buyer" option
    • (iv) BUYER SPECIFIC TERMS & CONDITIONS appears on the screen. Scroll down where two options are available again: 'Agree' and 'Disagree'.
    • (v) Click on 'Agree'.
    • (vi) Buyer's Registration Form appears on the screen.
    • (vii) Select Domestic under Buyer Origin and General Auction in the drop-down box.
    • (viii) Fill in all the desired details.
    • (ix) All fields marked with * are mandatory and can’t be left blank.
    • (x) Select User ID and Password and note the same.
    • (xi) Ensure to provide a valid e-mail address and keep it active. No special characters are allowed while giving the Postal Address. Also, no special characters except @ and _ must be given in the user id and password.
    • (xii) Upload a digital photo & signature while submitting the buyer registration form.
    • (xiii) After completing the form, click 'Submit'.
    • (xiv) Preview the info and submit the relevant fee.

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