Kerala's Story of Lagging in the Waste Disposal

Though many hospitals in Kerala, especially in the northern region, have grabbed the eyeballs for 'transporting' their biomedical waste to Karnataka, the medical associations and local industry bodies vigorously defend them. Sources in the Kerala medical world emphasise that the state strictly implements the Bio-medical Waste Management Rules.

The association claims that the waste dealers and vendors who collect this waste are not processing it scientifically and turning to illegal ways.

Interestingly, Karnataka State Pollution Control Board (KSPCB) labs tested the seized waste from parts between Nanjanngud and Gundlupet. As per senior scientific officers in KSPCB, the Member Secretary in the board has issued letters to their counterparts in Kerala asking them to suppress such illegal businesses and regulate hospitals.

However, an official from KSPCB informed us that they had yet to receive a reply from Kerala. The board has sent the info on the scientific analysis of tested waste samples and the registered FIR against the persons at stake. But, they have not approached the KSPCB yet.

The KSPCB officials point out that the state has only one or two biomedical waste processing units, and because of hygiene problems and space shortage, they haven't been able to establish more centres. KSPCB scientific officer who analysed the waste dumped by the residents in Nanjangud expressed that the people do not want to treat their waste because they feel it may affect the tourism sector. He further asks, can Kerala, with most literates in India, suppress such unscientific and irresponsible waste disposal?

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