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The J&K Pollution Control Board (J&KSPCB) was established according to a notification on 8th March 1987 under the Water (Prevention & Control of Pollution (P&CP)) Act of 1974. Regulation of industrial activity by issuing J&KSPCB consent to establish/operate industrial units under the Water and Air Acts is one of the primary responsibilities of the Board.

J&K State Pollution Control Board (J&KSPCB) - Overview

Jammu & Kashmir State Pollution Control Board is a statutory body formed in 1987 under the Water (P&CP) Act, 1974. The Board is prompted with powers under the Water and Air Acts, the Environment Protection Act (EPA) 1986, and various rules for reducing and controlling environmental pollution. The Board is also entrusted with issuing J&KSPCB consent certificates to commercial activities in the state.

Functions and activities of the J&K Pollution Control Committee (J&KPCC)

  1. Implementing several environmental laws.
  2. Regulation of industrial activity in Jammu and Kashmir by issuing J&KPCC license for Consent for Establishing and Operating industrial units under the Air and Water Acts.
  3. Issue of Hazardous Waste Authorisation and other authorisation under rules framed under EPA.
  4. To advise the state government on any issue regarding controlling, preventing, and reducing pollution.
  5. To monitor and disseminate details about air, water and noise pollution and the control and prevention thereof.
  6. Analysing and vigilance of industrial units.
  7. Awareness rising on P&CP.

Brief about obtaining J&KSPCB consent from the Board

Consent is the sanction of the authority of the Board for the effluent discharge (trade effluent or sewage into a well/stream/sewer/on land) or emission of air pollutants into the atmosphere. The J&KSPCB consent certificate issued by the Board u/s 25/26 of the Water (P&CP) Act 1974 is known as water consent, and u/s 21 of the Air (P&CP) Act 1981 is known as air consent.

According to section 25 of the Water (P&CP) Act 1974, no person must, without the previous J&KSPCB consent of the Board, establish or take any measures to establish any operation, industry, process, treatment and disposal system (TSDF) or any extension or addition to it, which is expected to discharge trade effluent or sewage into a well/stream/sewer/on land; or Bring into use any new or modified outlets for the sewage discharge; or Being to make any new sewage discharge.

Also, according to section 21 of the Air (P&CP) Act, 1981, no person must, without the previous consent of the state Board, operate or establish any industrial plant in an air pollution control area.

The J&KSPCB consent certificate application forms are available at the offices of the Jammu & Kashmir Pollution Control Committee.

Fee required for obtaining J&KSPCB consent certificate

The J&KSPCB consent certificate fee means the fees charged for the grant of consent by the Board.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Is there any specified form for the J&KSPCB consent certificate application?

    Yes, there are specified application forms for obtaining the J&KSPCB consent certificate.

    Note - Unitholders are advised to apply for the J&KSPC consent certificate on the single window portal of UT of Jammu and Kashmir, which is as All Green Category Industries can now apply for J&KSPCB consent renewal of the consents via auto-renewal mode in the JKOCMMS.

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