How to generate EPR Certificate for recyclers and producers under E-waste Management Rules 2022?

The latest E-waste Management (EWM) Rules 2022 mandate the producers and recyclers to generate EPR Certificates via Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) portal. Here's how you can generate the certificate quickly.

I. To get the EPR certificate on the portal, the recyclers must maintain records of purchases and sales of recovered items (end product) and e-waste. The e-waste recyclers must keep these records via invoices associated with GST respectively.

II. Also, the owners of the e-waste recycling plant or the recycler must have e-invoices via the GST portal for the purchase/sale of e-waste or recovered material (end products), respectively.

III. However, producers must accept sales invoices associated with GST for end products from e-waste recyclers as recycling proof.

All this will help quickly obtain the EPR certificate for e-waste recyclers and producers in India.

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