Compulsory registration of E-waste recyclers on EPR Portal

This blog may be of great help to all those E-waste recyclers who are thinking of registering on the E-waste Management (EWM) System (extended producer responsibility (EPR) portal) for compliance with EWM Rules, 2022.

The module for the grant of e-waste recycler registration under the E-waste Management Rules, 2022, is now operational. The module was made active on 25 July 2023 and is available at

E-Waste recyclers having valid Consent to Operate (CTO) for e-waste recycling and valid Hazardous Waste Authorisation under HOWM Rules 2016 are mandated to register themselves on the EPR Portal without fail. Also, they have to obtain the recycler registration. So wait no more and register yourself to obtain the registration without further delay.

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