What made CPCB tighten rules for petrol pumps in Hyderabad?

The petroleum dealers and petrol bunk owners in Hyderabad believe that if the new rules introduced by the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) are followed, there will be no petrol pumps in the city.

The new rules by CPCB say that petrol pumps must be situated in areas that do not have a hospital, school or residential complex within a 50-metre radius.

The petroleum dealers indicate that there are around 650 petrol pumps in Hyderabad. Hospitals, schools and residential complexes have gradually been established around these pumps.

An official describes why starting a petrol pump in Hyderabad is tough. One reason is that the officials must look at the state's demographics. Second is that there is a need for more land. Under these situations, it will be challenging to establish a single petrol pump. He also points out that there are many petrol pumps on the main road in Kerala, whereas, in Telangana, there are many apartments or schools on a single road.

According to the new rules, retail outlets can’t be set up within a radial distance of 50 metres from hospitals (10 beds and more), schools and residential areas delegated according to the local laws. In case of restrictions in facilitating 50 meters distance, the retail outlet must implement extra safety measures as stated by Petroleum and Explosive Safety Organisation (PESO).

Furthermore, in no case the distance between the new retail outlets from hospitals, schools and residential areas must be less than 30 metres. Also, no high-tension line must pass over the retail outlet.

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